In the year 1959, American scientists were working on a biological weapon for use against the Soviet Union. Aiding them was Yousuke Fuji, a Doctor of Genetics. A lab was set up on Cinnabar Island, and Dr. Fuji made a trip to Guyana to find a Mew. Meanwhile, the scientists got an Alakazam to get DNA from the most powerful psychic being in the universe. On July 5, both parties returned to Cinnabar, Fuji with Mew, and Alakazam with a hair from Giygas. Two eggs were obtained from Mew, and the DNA of Giygas was spliced in. The eggs were then implanted into Mew's womb. On February 6, Mew died giving birth to two Mewtwo, one green, one purple. Dr. Fuji, realizing that both of them were psychopathic, quit the project, and managed to take Mewtwo Green, so that he could teach it morals. On September 1, Mewtwo Purple destroyed everyone and converted the lab into Pokémon Mansion. 15 years later, Mewtwo Green learned of Mewtwo Purple's existence, and tried to protect people by hiding them in Hanada Cave. In the year 1995, a powerful trainer defeated Mewtwo Green, making it realize that what it was doing was cowardly, and left to find Mewtwo Purple and kill it. Mewtwo Green currently lives with Her Majesty Queen Daisy III, while Mewtwo Purple still lives.