Grandchild: Brendan Birch-Woods

Father's Father: Josiah Woods

Father's Mother: Jean Johnson

Mother's Father: William Lyman

Mother's Mother: Maria Smith

Born on 5 December 1962 to Ezekiel and Molly Woods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Norman Woods was a slightly above average school child, a connoisseur of reading and ancient world history. The American Sexual Revolution of the 70's and 80's enabled him to reveal his homosexuality. He was kicked out of the house by his Baptist parents for being homosexual, so he moved to Lilycove City, where he got a job at the Lilycove Museum as a security guard. It was through this line of work that he met Professor Farry Birch. They got married on 16 September 1984, and soon after hired Caroline Kingston as a surrogate for their daughter, May Birch-Woods, who was born on 21 November 1985. On June 15 1994, he got fired from his security guard job, for letting an unknown thief (Lawrence William "Bill" Fuchs III, AKA Gelardan) steal several valuable paintings. Using his husband's power, he was soon picked up by the League as the head of the Touka Gym in Petalburg. Today he still leads a happy life at home, and his parents have finally accepted him.


His Blood type is O.

He's right handed.

His favourite food is beer with cheese.

He's a fan of Star Trek.

He dislikes Pokémon made through artificial means, as he feels they are more dangerous.

He plays the flute.

He's afraid of chickens.